University Courses
by Pedro Almeida

Introduction to Programming

Course Focus:

Knowledge The meaning of the programming constructs included in the Java language fragment covered in the course. How to build a small application, using the covered Java language fragment, and using the methodology defined in this course. Know the components and basic tools of a software development environment (editor, compiler, etc) and their role.

Know-how Develop well-organized, small-sized, programs, following a given set of standards. Project and write correctly simple algorithms Read and explain / mentally simulate the functionality of code fragments written in the Java programming language Correctly use, to the expected level, programming tools, as well as interpret their results (error messages, etc). Develop as a team, a software development mini-project, using the skills acquired in this course.

Soft­-Skills Develop disciplined work and deadline meeting skills. Develop a concern with rigour and the systematic execution of work plans, following previously defined methods Develop team work skills.