University Courses
by Pedro Almeida

Security and Criptography

Course Focus:

This lecture gives a thorough introduction to security in general and to multilateral security of IT-systems in particular. Protection goals and their interdependencies are discussed as well as reasonable attacker models. Different kinds of security mechanisms are introduced to provide examples and to clarify that security mechanisms are means to provide for protection goals against attackers at most as powerful as described in the attacker model.

Cryptosystems are the fundamental security mechanisms to achieve the protection goals confidentiality and integrity in distributed IT-systems and are therefore discussed in depth: We start by a classification of cryptosystems according to the protection goal they are aiming at and the key-distribution they use. We concentrate on those cryptosystems, whose security is as much validated as possible or even provable. We stress the kind of validation or proof.

Participants are enabled both to define and analyze security properties of IT-systems in two respects: What security properties the IT-system is supposed to have and how sure we can be that it really has these properties with respect to could be attackers. In addition, basic knowledge is acquired and basic skills are developed how to construct secure IT-systems.